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Why Should Women Try to Avoid a Hysterectomy

There are two main reasons why you should avoid trying to have a hysterectomy for fibroids. Number one is fibroids are a completely benign condition, so there’s no need to take out the entire organ for a completely benign condition. The hysterectomy is a major abdominal type of surgery with at least a six-week recovery period, and the complication profile is way, way higher than other non-invasive, or least invasive treatment options. The number two reason why we should avoid a hysterectomy is to avoid a condition called a post-hysterectomy syndrome. This is something that a lot of folks don’t know too much about, but it’s a number of different symptoms that women will suffer after having a hysterectomy, such as sexual dysfunction, dysphoria, depression, and anxiety disorders. There are two main reasons that women should try to avoid having a hysterectomy. I always tell patients that if the uterus was meant to be removed and at some point, you just naturally deliver the uterus like the way you deliver a baby, but that doesn’t happen in nature. And so, taking out the uterus could be a big ordeal for a woman to have to deal with. Learn more at

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