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13:49 22 Mar 23
This was the best experience I have had in such a long time and I have had quite a few procedures in the past both in patient and out including the procedure I was currently present for. No other surgeon has been so kind, transparent, and gentle. Not only did he personally come out beforehand to provide me with education on my procedure, but he talked me through every step of the way and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Not to mention his amazing staff! Despite being extremely nervous they kept me smiling and laughing throughout the whole process. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you so much guys!!
18:26 20 Mar 23
Excellent bedside manners and the procedure was a breeze.
16:16 17 Mar 23
Wonderful staff very kind very thorough no waiting♥️. I’ve never been to a doctors office and treated with so much respect.. I’m looking forward to my next appointment 😇
04:17 03 Mar 23
Los mejores/ the best💖🙏
00:16 01 Mar 23
Excellent, Patience, don’t Rush you to be finished. The Doctor explains everything and answers your questions. I would Recommend Dr.Sham service anytime, they are. Great!
14:44 28 Feb 23
The staff could not have been friendlier! I was treated so well and my procedure was a huge success!
14:37 24 Feb 23
I went with my mom who just had a hip surgery. The whole team was very caring, nice and very professional. I did appreciate that the surgeon took the time to explain to me what was wrong with my mom’s arm and what he did to fix it.
19:33 22 Feb 23
Very good and very responsive.
13:25 13 Feb 23
Although I didn’t meet with the doctor, the receptionist, assistant and nurse were great.
13:37 03 Feb 23
Very friendly and hard working people. Excellent doctor and team!!!Thanks for being so helpful and encouraging!
03:28 31 Jan 23
Every thing and the process are being done properly ..Terissa you are very Carey ..thank you so much every body are very polite and very professional.. Thank you so much to Dr.Mobley..God blessed you all .🙏🙏🙏👍
15:57 17 Jan 23
Very knowledgeable, personable and professional. I came to Dr. Mobley to correct another surgeons work and I was pleased with the outcome. There is a Hispanic woman that runs things in the O.R.She is great! The whole staff is wonderful and caring.Highly recommend
19:20 10 Jan 23
I had a wonderful PA take care of me, & the nurses were very sweet. I was happy with my visit
19:00 11 Dec 22
Everything always goes well.staff are very caring.
15:05 12 Sep 22
Great experience very through staff are extremely helpful and friendly no wait time I highly recommend.
21:38 16 May 22
A doctor who listens, smart and personable, I liked him.
21:39 24 Feb 22
Staff nice, not too long of wait. Doctor listened well , not rushed. Looked at US of right leg on disk from different place. (I assume) told me ok they don’t need further testing. My only complaint and this goes for 90% of doctors these days they never really examine you physically and I hate that. Even Primary Dr seems to just hand out referrals that take weeks to get appointments and weeks more for tests usually. If something serious You won’t know till too late. But overall 4 out 5. I would recommend.
12:23 25 Jan 22
Went there for the first time didn’t have to fill out paperwork which constantly asked the same question. Nurses were friendly didn’t have to come back a second time to have test done did it rite then, doctor explain everything set up appointment to have procedure done and I’m very confident in the doctor
14:50 21 Jan 22
Excellent service. Dr. Abadir and staff were attentive and thoughtful. All communication regarding my visit were clear and concise and they took the time to listen and address all of my questions. Great visit!
14:48 06 Dec 21
Excellent Doctor he explains the procedure process so that it is understandable and comfortable for the patient!
14:24 02 Sep 21
I thank you very much you took good care I feel great I am very happy with you and I will be back .
19:56 07 Jun 21
Super friendly and communicative. Efficient staff in the office. A unique experience for a doctors office. Dr Abadir was concise and effective in his exam and explanations
20:39 17 May 21
I found the staff Extremely cordial and professional. Dr. Abidir took his time and explained what procedures needed to be doneAnd why he recommended them to establish a diagnosis.Dr. Abidir was reassuring and listened to and answered all of my questions.So far I am very pleased with the endo vascularProgram here.Clare Garvey
23:57 15 Mar 21
Pleased with staff and doctor is very compassionate
15:07 26 Jan 21
Thank you to you and your great staff.Bill Baratta
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